Saved by the Blood of Jesus Ministry - Pastor David T. Carter & Minister Karla V. Fields
Pastor David T. Carter
Pastor David T. Carter
Saved by the Blood of Jesus Ministry REST@PEACE MISSION-OUTREACH 449 Mount Prospect Ave. Newark New Jersey 07104 973-350-6600 Rev. David T. Carter (OUR STATEMENT ARE THE FOLLOWING) Our ministry,hereafter referred to as the organization. Was founded and conceived by Rev. David T. Carter, and developed by him and other members who will be revealed later.The organization founded on 11/11/09, will begin function and as an entity bylaws to be deve- loped later.It will continue to function according to the bylaws until such time as the organization is dissolved according to the bylaws.It will function with the follow- ing purposes. The purpose of any Christian organization.which we are; is to save souls by drawing people closer to Jesus Christ, and the true Word of God.While we aim to do just that,we also have a more intensive purpose of helping our clients/members with more practical needs. We endeavor to provide a variety of goods and also services to homeless and near homeless individuals, that would allow them to have a better overall quality of life.We wish to provide temporary and possible per- menant housing to individuals who are in need by en- listing the assistance of goverment and other third party agencies.We aim to set up a soup kitchen, were var- ious levels of hot and cold meals will be served. We would like to provide transportation to individuals who want to go to detox programs, doctor visit and other crucial appointments
Contact Us Monday-Sunday 9:00am-4:00pm
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